We here at Inside/Out desire to do yoga with you in person. There’s something about a live class. The presence of a knowledgeable instructor and other warm bodies seems to powerfully focus the good and godly vibe. It encourages the discipline needed to not only perform an extended and more active routine (of course none of our classes are “routine”!), but even the discipline necessary to let yourself experience an extended sivanasa. 


But few of us can get to class every day. What to do? Just because you can’t make the class doesn’t mean you can’t take at least a few minutes each day to do some asana. Perhaps before or after another kind of workout, or right before your bedtime read. Maybe in the morning before your meditation and prayers, or even beside your work desk, circumstances permitting. 


The timing and location may dictate or suggest the kind of postures you can perform. It’s not particularly unique or personal, but my private yoga practice (before bedtime) often consists of the following:

-Mountain pose with arms raised, deeply relaxing the neck and shoulder area, extending the entire torso upward while rooting the feet

-10 forward bends/bows touching the toes and then using alternate sets of leg and back muscles when rising back up 

-A few lunges, not particularly deep, followed each time by extending the forward leg and lengthening the hamstrings

– A wind-relieving pose or two, of course

-Happy baby or just few moments of extending the legs toward the ceiling


I’ll also do a modified pigeon kind of thing, both sides, spreading across the bed. The benefits of all of these are greatly amplified by paying close attention to and aligning your movements with your breath. And taking at least a few moments for sivasana.


Life is short and the end of man (and woman) is the worm. Don’t miss a day and a chance to multiply prana whenever you can. 


Meanwhile, see you in class!

Kerry Wilson 4.14.22

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