Living Health with Lee Albert

Do you want to make informed decisions about  your health and happiness?

Do you want to have less stress and more peace and calm in your life?
Do you want to know why you can’t sleep at night and how to rectify that?
Do want to live with less pain and stiffness?
Do you want to be be able to enjoy your favorite activities even as you age?
Do you want to know the secret to happiness?
Of course you do!
Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. Your birthright is to be happy and joyful most
of the time. In this workshop Lee Albert will combine the best of ancient techniques with the best of modern techniques. The
workshop suggestions are all backed by numerous scientific studies. This workshop will teach you to take charge of your
biology so you can stay active, healthy and happy….and best of all the suggestions won’t take a lot of time. Just a small
commitment starts to bring forth the results.
In this workshop you will learn a 5 step program that will help you have:
• Less pain in your body
• Less stress and anxiety
• Better, restful sleep
• Reduced risk of chronic diseases
• Better quality of life
• More energy
• Reduced inflammation
• A better functioning immune system
• Stronger bones and muscles
• A healthier brain and improved memory
• More happiness and joy
• Better control of your weight
This class is suitable for everyone who wants to learn a Master Plan to meet their individual needs -physically, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually. All it takes is the knowledge that will propel you one action step at a time.
Cost: $95

Lee Albert, NMT is a national presenter and popular Neuromuscular Therapist and yoga
instructor at Kripalu Center. Dedicated to helping people help themselves, Lee created,
practices and teaches Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT), -protocols to reduce and
often eliminate chronic pain. He is the author of the Amazon best seller "Live Pain
Free: Eliminate Chronic Pain without Drugs or Surgery” and the gold award winner
in health/fitness for 2018 "Yoga for Pain Relief : A New Approach to an Ancient
As a pain specialist, Lee is the host of the PBS special “3 Steps to Pain Free Living”
and his new show “Joyful Pain Free Living” to be released in 2021.
Lee is trained in neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic massage, positional therapy, yoga
therapy and myofascial release and has conducted seminars with thousands of people
from all over the world. People from every walk of life have learned from Lee how to live
a pain free life.

Let Your Yoga Dance

Join Geri for this YOGA INFUSED DANCE class.

No dance experience required, just the ability to count to 8.

Just $10 (class passes do not apply)

Chakra Balancing Meditation with Anthony Profeta

Immerse yourself in a unique & extraordinary sound healing experience.
CHAKRA BALANCING: Guided Sound Bath & Mantra Meditation
Inside Out Yoga Winter Haven, Florida
The seven chakras are the body’s major energy centers through which our life energy flows. They are not “physical” centers per se, but rather belong to the realm of “subtle energy”. And a blockage or imbalance in one or several of these centers can lead to mental, emotional, physical &/or spiritual ailments. But, sound (through instruments & voice) has been used for thousands of years to purify, align, & heal the body.
In this meditation, Meditation Teacher, Anthony Profeta, guides us to healing and attunement by playing the crystal bowls to help remove any blocked energy & then as we move one by one up through the chakra system he will introduce the Bija (seed) Mantras which the group will chant together to help align, balance, and purify our 7 energy centers.
The bowls & mantras together will create a one-of-a-kind meditative experience in which we’ll be immersed in soundwaves, pure frequencies, & vocal tones.
This is sure to be an event which you will not want to miss.
COST: $30

Find Your Best Alignment – 10 Poses for $10

Find Your Best Alignment
10 poses for $10 with Kathryn.
Alignment is Kathryn’s thing.
Find the perfect pose for your individual body. You don’t have to do the pose perfectly, you have to find the perfect pose for you.
Space is limited to 7 students for plenty of individual attention.
What to expect:
* brief warm up
* alignment focus for bridge, down dog, warrior 1 & 2, triangle & reverse triangle, pyramid, lunge variations and thread the needle.