Kundalini – 3rd Eye Support with Ali

The information we receive behind our eyes can be far more powerful (& beneficial) then what we are “seeing” in front of our eyes.
How much TRUTH are you able to take inward? Do you allow that truth to lead you or do you find yourself needing to give it weight? Truth can assist us in managing our power. It shines a light on what choices best serve our current conditions. Truth will nourish our ability to use discernment to create an experience of learning/growing. Personally I don’t always like the truth…but when I’m willing to let it in it serves as a reliable compass in life.
This class:
1) places a focus on kriyas that clear the 3rd eye center.
2)Moving stagnation and lifting the fog.
3)Circulating prana to stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands.
4)Mudra and mantras to strengthen our relationship with TRUTH, both personal truths and impersonal truths.
5)Moving life force from the lower triangle to upper triangle.