Yoga For Pain Relief with Lee Albert

Do you struggle with tight hamstrings, sore knees, or hips that just won’t open?  Do you suffer from back pain or neck pain? Why do so many of us experience chronic pain? Most pain is foundational, resulting from imbalances in a musculoskeletal system that is not aligned. Is there an effective way to deal with these conditions through yoga?  There sure is!

In this workshop we will use yoga and neuromuscular techniques to align the body by first identifying muscle imbalances that cause many painful conditions. By selecting the proper poses, to either stretch or strengthen targeted muscles, the body will start to come back into balance and out of pain.

Participants will learn:

  • How to balance the pelvis which is the foundation of the body structure
  • How to balance muscles for the most common painful areas
  • How to use yoga postures to balance muscles for various neuromuscular conditions
  • How to identify their own muscle imbalances and select correct poses to bring them into balance
  • How to identify which poses will help and which poses to avoid for specific conditions
  • A self care program to keep the body, mind and emotions in balance

The ancient practices of yoga, which are now validated by neuroscience, will help you discover how it is possible to lead a pain free life! The class is a balance of instruction, demonstrations and practice. The poses in this class are suitable for all levels.

Lee Albert, NMT

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