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• Daily Group Yoga Classes
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General Pricing

  • Drop-In Rate – $15
  • 5 Classes – $55 (90 day expiration)
  • 10 Classes – $95 (90 day expiration)
  • 20 Classes – $175 (90 day expiration)
  • Unlimited – 30 Days $82 (unlimited passes do not apply to specialty classes or workshops)
  • Unlimited – 90 Days $287 (unlimited passes do not apply to specialty classes or workshops)

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Pay online below. Or in the studio with cash, check or card.

First time class attendees

New Student Special!

2 weeks of unlimited group yoga classes for $20 (available in studio only – workshops and special classes do not apply)

Class Descriptions

Baptiste Power Yoga is an alignment based power vinyasa flow. We will incorporate the 5 pillars and 3 themes of Baptiste yoga into each class. We’ll move through a series of balancing and strength building poses, back-bends and core work and inversions. Modifications are always available as well as intensifications (if that’s in your practice). You will leave class refreshed, uplifted, motivated and energized.
The 5 Pillars of Baptiste Yoga
Drishti (gaze)
Ujjayi (breath)
Bandhas (core/hands/feet)
Tapas (heat)
Vinyasa (flow)
The 3 Themes of Baptiste Yoga
Be a YES
Give Up What You Must
You Are Ready Now.

This class focuses on breathe (pranayama), building the foundation of basic yoga postures (asana), alignment and body awareness. This class is suited for those new to yoga and experienced practitioners.

Practice yoga in the chair. This class is appropriate for beginners, folks with limited mobility and those recovering from injury. $5/class – pay at the studio.

This energizing class may include vinyasa flow (linking poses and breath), some intermediate – advanced poses and inversions. This class is most appropriate for yogis with some experience and athletes with body awareness, but everyone is welcome. Instructors rotate each Saturday morning.

Join Cosmic Sound Healer, Buffy La Roux as she facilitates a high vibratory journey of Sound through time and space. During this deeply meditative and transformative experience, Buffy guides us inward through a sound bath of deeply shifting vocal toning, singing, frequencies and quartz crystal singing bowls. Each Crystal Sound Bath is a unique symphony and a dance of the collective energies present for the Well Being of All and the Amplification of Love.

For experienced yogis, these classes explore advanced postures, generate heat, build core strength and include inversions. Come prepared to sweat!

For all levels and great for beginners.  We stay close to the floor and use a lot of props in this class. It’s deep and gentle with a little extra time spent in final relaxation.

Private Sound Bath and Energy Balancing Sessions
A private, custom session intended  to boost and revitalize the subtle energy system. Sessions include a variety of tools and techniques, such as crystal bowls, drumming and other instruments, light language, aromatherapy, energy work, affirmations and guided meditation based on individual needs and preferences. To book call 813-841-7298 or email buffylaroux@gmail.com
$88  for 30 min
$133 for 60 min

One on one or small groups.  Call 863.224.2311 or e-mail ioyogastudio@gmail.com for more information.

In this  class, you will be transported into a deeply relaxing state through a mix of soothing music, guided meditation, affirmations and Reiki energy balancing. Reiki is a Japanese technique where a trained practitioner uses “life force energy” through their hands to balance and activate the body’s natural healing system. Participants may lie on a yoga mat or sit in a chair. Please bring your own equipment. Props such as an eye mask, blankets and bolsters are encouraged for comfort.

This class includes a vinyasa flow (linking postures and breath) followed by a few relaxing yin (passive) postures to balance the flow. This class is appropriate for those with some yoga experience.

Yoga Suite is for businesses interested in building stronger teams with yoga and other mindfulness techniques.
Choose a 1 time, 4, 6 or 8 week program designed specifically for your team.
In our studio or your space.
Here’s our menu: 
Gentle Yoga Practice
Mindfulness Techniques
Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
Yin Yoga
Breathing Practices
Sound Bath Experience
Contact us to learn more.

Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and  the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin generally targets the connective tissues that are not normally exercised in hatha yoga.  Poses are held for 1 to 10 minutes, thus moving deeper into the joints.

These classes are designed to assist in quieting the mind through moving our bodies, breathing and mindfulness.  The time of day and energy of the room will be considered as to how much energy we output or conserve.

This class is focuses on building strength around joints and muscles while creating balance,  stability and  flexibility in body and mind. Weights are optional.  We have some 2,3 and 5 pound weights to borrow or bring your own. This class is suitable for most students.

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