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Today marks the one month anniversary of Inside/Out. I’d like to thank all the people who have started to attend, have “liked” us in various forums, and continue to provide their love and support. I especially want to thank the teachers who are showing up each day with a passion for the yogic arts. We’ll be doing more! We should actually have a sign up on the building within the next couple of weeks and will continue to improve the interior of the space. We’ll be reaching out to more people in the community and remaining open to new teachers who want to join our modest mission of opening hearts, bodies and minds. If you are reading this, resolve to make inner and outer fitness a part of your lives each day. And come by and see us!

PS – Check out he new willPower class offering this Saturday, October 12!

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    • Kerry Wilson
      Kerry Wilson says:

      Please check out the schedule at for the special schedule today (Saturday). There is also a all levels class at 10AM tomorrow morning (Sunday). The Silverback class at 3PM is full and not open. We hope to see you at Inside/Out soon!


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