Christmas gift cards – Do you know someone who might need or want a little yoga?


Lady yogaWe are offering a Christmas gift card special. For a new student and during the month of December, you can purchase a 10-class pass for just $50. All classes must be used by March 31, 2014, and they are not transferable. We can handle the purchase by mail (P.O. Box 7378, Winter Haven 33883) or at the studio. Turn somebody you love on to yoga!










Meditation/Deep December

body not stiffIn keeping with the experimental nature of Inside/Out, we invite you to participate in a daily meditation period, from 6AM to 7AM, to be held each day in December, starting Sunday, December 1. Each period will consist of two (2) periods of silent, seated meditation, starting each at 6AM and 6:30AM, and two (2) periods of walking meditation, starting each at 6:20AM, and 6:50AM.  You are invited to attend the whole hour, although you can also participate in just one period of siting and walking meditation, starting at either 6AM or 6:30AM. All of these sessions are “FREE”.

To simplify our interactions, here are the “rules” for these periods. By agreeing upon this protocol, we will be relieved from constantly worrying about “what’s next” or constantly comparing it to some other form or ritual.

  1. Our meditation and other activities will be non-denominational and silent. These are not instructional periods, or times for socializing. If you must talk with the monitor prior to the mediation sessions, or during walking meditation, please do so as quietly as possible.  Please leave your phones outside.
  2. All sessions will be timed precisely and begin when indicated. If you are going to leave the first session or join us for the second session, please do so between 6:25 and 6:30AM. Do not enter or leave the studio except during that period or, of course, prior to 6AM. If you wish to remain in seated meditation during the whole hour, please feel free to do so.
  3. Although you may use the studio’s yoga bolsters, its few zafus or chairs, please feel free to bring your own cushion or other sitting device.
  4. During seated meditation, please abide as quietly as reasonably possible, and do not fidget. If you must sneeze, cough or blow your nose, please do so in a hygienic and discreet manner. Please keep prayers, mantras, psalms and songs within your own mind.
  5. Seated mediation will end at 6:20 and 6:50AM.  A bell will ring. At this point, you are invited to slowly rise, keeping the focus of your meditation, and we will walk at an ordinary but deliberative pace clockwise around the studio. These walking mediations are not some “relief” or break from meditation, but are the practice of taking the stillness of your practice into motion.  You may also find that they “cleanse” obstacles encountered during the preceding seated meditation.
  6. If you need to go to the bathroom, or get a sip of water, please do so prior to 6AM, or during the 6:20-6:30 walking period. There are three bathrooms available in the rear hallways of the studio. Please be back and ready to continue your seated meditation by 6:30.
  7. If you are a beginner or have other questions regarding your meditation practice, feel free to discuss them with the monitor after a session.  If there is interest, there may be one or more “introductory classes” offered at the studio during December.

Come join the experiment! A month of daily practice requires some commitment and will- power, but it just might change your life. Of course, you can also just come occasionally. All serious (or at least quiet) persons are welcome!