Zazen instructions

If you are looking for some simple, straightforward instructions for sitting meditation, please check out:

These folk know of what they speak.

Sunrise Yoga

Misty will be offering classes at 6AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is a creative teacher, and brave soul, to explore these hours. The sun comes in nicely in the studio, directly from the east, and here comes another strong morning energy into the space. Will it become a routine? What about a regular morning sit? (The co-op has a shower and changing room in the back, bring your own towel!)

The fitness menu

The first schedule is up for the week of September 9-15m 2013, and we are heavy on the yoga, a most savory sauce. But we are still looking to add some other mindful meals, so interested instructors, please contact us. As for the yoga menu, I’d be most interested to hear  if there are appetites out there for advanced yogis, and athletic tyros, who are looking for some vigorous power yoga, the kind of class that will soak the mat. The menu is meant to be supplemented and amended, so please keep in touch and tell us what you’d like to do. Thanks to everyone that is making this possible!